The research has received funding from the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [314363].

Activities within the project

ZenN-project is structured via seven different workpackages.(WPs)

WP1 Common framework for nZEB renovation
WP1 will set the baseline for the demonstration projects by building upon similar experiences recently developed in Europe, in order to gain momentum from the lessons learned. Furthermore, this WP will define a common goal: the nearly zero-energy renovation, without having to wait for the full development of the legal definitions in each MS with its possible delays and inconsistencies.
Contact person: Igor Sartori SINTEF

WP2 Demonstration of near zero energy districts
The aim for the WP is to demonstrate the renovation of an example of nearly zero residential buildings. The main objectives for WP2 are development of the technical projects that describe the integrated design of innovative technologies for both building constructive solutions, implementation of the innovative technologies in the buildings and completion of the construction of the buildings.

WP3 Validation and monitoring
WP3 is dedicated to the validation of the demonstration projects. The objectives of the work package are: - To specifically address, compare, evaluate and validate energy and environmental aspects of the renovation process, from design to completion of the works and occupancy. - To learn from the common experience in very different context, in order to extract the common lines as well as the specific aspects on nZEB renovation in an European context.
Contact person: Ander Romero Tecnalia

WP4 Non-technical drivers
In addition to a close look at technical issues addressed in other parts of the project, WP4 proposes a systemic approach to procure locally-adapted, high-quality near-zero energy building renovation at the district level, including four horizontal non-technical drivers: - Architectural and Cultural Heritage - Stakeholder Awareness and Behavior - Economic and Ownership Structures - Legislation, Governance and Policy.
WP4 will engage in close interaction with industry, public government, media and users in order to identify and improve critical success factors in each domain.

WP5 Training and dissemination
WP5’s overall objective is to communicate the different results, examples and technical solutions from the project through various communication activities and training sessions. Through these activities WP5 will contribute to a greater awareness and knowledge about zero energy neighborhoods. This will allow for the exchange of experiences, methods and information so that solutions can be transferred from the demonstration projects to other parts of society.
Contact person: Ann Jarnehammar, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

WP6 Replication and exploitation
The general aim of WP6 is to deal with the exploitation of the results of the Zero energy building renovation demonstrations as well as the identification of key success factors for replicability (technical, financial, social aspects, process and duration).

WP7 Management
WP7 is devoted to the overall management of the project.
Contact person: Francisco Rodriguez Tecnalia

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