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Arlequin, City of Grenoble, France

The neighborhood of ARLEQUIN in Grenoble is a 1970’s residential development of 1800 dwellings in a high-rise complex within a larger district called Villeneuve. The buildings range from 6 to 15 storeys and are concrete structure with two kinds of façade: light pre-fabricated concrete modules and heavy modules. The neighborhood was born from an urban utopia, with an ambitious target of social mixture and an innovative architecture. The objective was to provide with inhabitants a huge park and several public equipment’s in close vicinity to their dwellings. But 40 years later, this area is seen as a deprived area with low income residents of more than 30 nationalities, a high unemployment rate, and confused public and private spaces.

Building uses
Residential only.

Property structure
The "Arlequin numbers 30/40" is a joint-ownership owned mainly by the social housing association SDH. Of 244 dwellings, only 17 are occupied by the owners while 5 are rented, representing 22 private dwellings. All private dwellings are located at the "Arlequin number 30". Consequently the "Arlequin number 40" is 100% owned by SDH.

The "Arlequin numbers 50/120 " is a joint-ownership of approximately 950 dwellings with 2 corridors totally made of private owned dwellings with 2 secondary owners unions.

The "Arlequin number 80" is made up of 37 dwellings, with 28 owners occupying their homes and 9 rented dwellings.

The "Arlequin number 100" is made up of 153 dwellings, with 98 owners occupying their homes and 55 rented dwellings.

The "Arlequin numbers 50, 60, 70, 90, 110 and 120" are made of social dwellings owned by the social housing association ACTIS.

The "Arlequin numbers 130/170" is a mixed joint-ownership made of 421 dwellings. 162 dwellings are privates with 130 owner/occupiers and 32 rented dwellings. A Housing for the Elderly made of 71 dwellings, is managed jointly by the social housing association SDH and by the "Centre Communal d'Action Sociale" of the City of Grenoble.

This Housing for Ederly is located at the "Arlequin number 160 (Les Gentianes)".

All the other dwellings are owned by the social housing association SDH, as for example the "Arlequin number 140".

Climate description
Moderate climate / Humid Oceanic. Grenoble deals with harsh winters, but also with heat during summer seasons. Summer comfort must therefore be taken into account in the design of buildings.

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