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EUSEW open-house event in Grenoble

In order to get comparable and usable results, a common definition of what constitutes a successful nZEB renovation is of great importance. ZenN deliverable 1.2 gives an overview of the current status for the European nZEB definition work and presents the definition agreed upon by the ZenN partners.

Local partners and stakeholders with an interest in energy savings and social housing were invited to a guided tour of the facilities on June 26th 2015. The purpose was to raise interest in and increase understanding of the ongoing renovation process.

First, the project was presented by the city project leader and representatives from the social housing associations at the nearby cultural centre. The presentations covered subjects such as the ZenN project, the national program of urban renewal (PNRU) in the district and the technical aspects of the renovation. The event continued with a guided tour of the demonstration project.

“We were aware of the current renovation process but the Open House was a very good opportunity to meet with the stakeholders and to have a better understanding of the project and the role of ZenN.”, commented an ACTIS employee.

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The open-house invitation to the Grenoble event can be found herePDF (pdf, 234.3 kB).

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