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40 & 50 Arlequin - new car park - view from a rooftop

40 & 50 Arlequin - new car park - view from a rooftop

Future developments at larger scale with “Durable city and territories” program

As the work with retrofitting the apartments of both 40 and 50 ARLEQUIN being completed, all efforts are now concentrated on the monitoring of retrofitted buildings and on the continuation of the approach undertaken with Zen N, as part of the second phase of the Villeneuve urban renewal project.

The monitoring started in October 2016, for a 12 month period with a complete heating period. The global heating energy consumption is measured with distinction between Domestic Hot Water and dwellings heating. All the common electrical energy consumptions are also monitored as the ventilation and pumps systems, the lighting of common areas, the elevators and safety lighting. In order to evaluate comfort conditions and usage impact on energy consumptions, fifteen (15) dwellings are accurately monitored on both buildings. The monitoring data are concentrated on a data base for being shared with Zen N partners. This monitoring process should generate good indicators on practice efficiency and dwellings usage impact evaluation.

Concerning future developments : in 2015, the City of Grenoble, Grenoble Alpes Métropole and the City of Echirolles, answered together to “Durable city and territories”, a national call launched by the ANRU on the 200 French districts encountering the greatest social, economic and urban problems.

The proposed retrofitting strategy was based of the Zen-N knowledge. The project was among the 20 selected ones on a national level by the French Prime Minister in December 2015, benefiting from the financing of studies to be carried out in 2016 in order to define an action plan to be implemented over the period 2017- 2025.

The studies carried between May and September 2016 made it possible to specify the project, which focuses on ARLEQUIN (Grenoble, 1 500 apartments) and ESSARTS – SURIEUX buildings neighborhoods (Echirolles, 1 500 apartments), with two main objectives:

  1. Develop management and exploitation tools to ensure real performance and quality of use of the buildings, whichwill be retrofitted during the second phase of the urban renewable project (2017 – 2025), with :
  • a “good practice” guidance for the design, the implementation and the exploitation of the retrofitted buildings ;
  • a digital platform to exploit, pilot and monitor retrofitted buildings;
  • various digital tools and services of handling, for the occupants of housing ;
  • the experiment of a photovoltaic generation plant with onsite self-consumption, to cover the needs for the common areas of buildings,
  • Define and implement a strategy for an energy and economic optimization at the neighborhood level, with several possibilities relating to the heating system (to limit the demands on Urban Heating Network):
  • solutions to preheat the domestic hot water and the heating : heat storage on buildings or on the heating system network, connection to the return water circuit, energy recovery on “grey waters” ;
  • smart building network establishment ;
  • study of the energy recovery on the chillers of the shopping mall and the ice rink located in the neighborhood,

The estimated budget of the action plan is about 3,2 M€ (tax-free), with a financial contribution of 1,9 M€ expected from the ANRU.

The instruction of the project is under way and a decision of the French Prime Minister is expected by the end of December 2016. All local actors hope that it will be positive, to continue and amplify the action taken with the Zen N program!

Updated: 2016-12-20


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