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Legislation, governance and policy – describing key success factors for future replication

One of the ZenN deliverables approaching finalization is the report Legislation, Governance and Policy - Key success factors for increased replication (D4.4). The aim of this report is to point out key success factors within legislation, governance and policy in the participating European countries that could lead to an increased replication of similar energy retrofitting projects.

All participating countries within ZenN (Sweden, Poland, Norway, France and Spain) have contributed to the key success factors presented in this report, through input and analysis from ZenN interviews and workshops, as well as through a literature review. The report will give an overview of the policy and legislation prerequisites for energy retrofitting in each of the countries as well as within EU generally. This is followed by an analysis of the different policy and legislation barriers identified in all countries based on the demo project experiences and the overall literature review. From these experiences, key success factors are pointed out, e.g. on legislative areas where difficulties are experienced and on potential policy measures that could facilitate and lead to more nearly-zero energy retrofitting projects.

The input and experiences for this report has been gathered from all participating countries since early 2017, covering four years of experiences from the ZenN project and learnings from the whole retrofitting process. The variation of national legislative and policy prerequisites will give a broad overview and variety of success factors, but also pinpoint the common factors that could be seen in all countries. ZenN contributors to this report have been IVL (Sweden), ASM (Poland), NTNU (Norway), Oslo (Norway), Grenoble (France) and Tecnalia (Spain).


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