The research has received funding from the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [314363].

Presenting a common definition for nZEB renovation

In order to get comparable and usable results, a common definition of what constitutes a successful nZEB renovation is of great importance. ZenN deliverable 1.2 gives an overview of the current status for the European nZEB definition work and presents the definition agreed upon by the ZenN partners.

Lead by ZenN project partner SINTEF, work with a common definition for nZEB renovation within ZenN has been completed. During the course of this work, five main criteria were defined, based on the structure of IEA SHC Task 40 / EBC Annex 52 “Towards Net Zero Energy Solar Building" describing building system boundary, a common weighting factor framework, how to calculate the net ZEB balance and energy match characteristics, and gives a common framework for measurement and verification.

Another important result from this deliverable is a description of the participating pilot cases before and after renovation using the common nZEBr definition and IEA net ZEB evaluation tool. Although the theoretical figures of most of the pilot cases do not reach the zero balance line, a comprehensive evaluation of the renovations still demonstrate a great improvement on the total weighted load.

For more information, contact Igor Sartori ( or Kari Sørnes ( at SINTEF.

The report can be dowloaded herePDF (pdf, 2.5 MB).

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