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Project kickoff in Bilbao - comments from partner IVL

In the middle a April ZenN-project had internal kickoff at Tecnalia headquarters in Bilbao, Spain. The kickoff concentrated on creating a common understanding of the project among partners and also involved a visit to one of the demo sites, Eibar in Spain. Below are some comments from Anna Jarnehammar, project manager at partner organization IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

ZenN-project started with a kickoff in Bilbao – what was the main outcome?

The kickoff aimed to get all partners involved and informed about the goal of the project and the different parts of the project and to see synergies and co-operation possibilities. We also had a visit to the demon site in Eibar, Spain, where we could see the houses and also discuss with the representatives of the neighborhood about the retrofitting of the area. In Eibar it is quite different compared to some of the other demonstration sites since all individual owners of the apartments are more or less involved and also decide about the retrofitting measures.

ZenN-project consists of 6 demonstrations sites in 4 different countries – how will the demonstrations sites be used in and contribute to the project?

The demonstration sites are really the core part of the project and will be the focus of all activities in the project. This project consist of rather large retrofitting areas and the interaction between all involved partners will be crucial to reach the goal of near zero energy renovation.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute is 1 of 12 project partners – what is your main responsibility?

Our main responsibility will be the dissemination activities and the spreading of the results to a larger audience. For example will a renovation guide be developed and also training concepts for retrofitting for both the demonstration sites and other actors within the building sector.

IVL will also be the science partner in the Malmö demonstration site. We will evaluate the different measures technically and also measure the final outcome and results of the retrofitting.

What expectations do you as a partner have on the project outcomes?

We hope that the final results will be four very good examples on near zero energy retrofitting of residential buildings from the 1970. This will be results that can be used in the transformation of the existing building stock to be more energy efficient.

Updated: 2013-05-30


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