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Retrofitting project creates positive domino effects in Eibar

In September of 2016 the corresponding works of the second phase regarding the integral retrofitting Project of Mogel neighbourhood started, consisting of the integral retrofitting works for the five buildings that did not participated in the first phase.

At the same time the municipality of Eibar began their work to improve the urbanization; with the specific aim of eliminating humidity from the ground floor of the residential buildings.

Work will begin in the coming weeks for two new buildings located closed to Mogel district, Fray Martin Mallea 1 and 3. The buildings’ owners were encouraged to start their retrofitting after seeing the results from the retrofitting that was carried out in the first phase.

The “domino effect” seen in Debegesa, seen both through the comprehensive retrofitting of the neighbourhood of Mogel, as well as the consequences the process has by itself, is very encouraging - and so is also the new generation of processes.

The integral renovation project of Mogel began in 2006, when the residents, represented by a neighborhood committee proposed to improve the accessibility of the neighbourhood, as well as the accessibility of the residential buildings.

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Updated: 2016-12-20


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