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SCIS Coordinators Workshop

The second SCIS Project Coordinators Meeting held in October in Brussels, gathered together project coordinators, city representatives, the European Commission, and experts involved in smart cities and energy efficiency projects co-funded by FP7 and Horizon 2020. A ZenN representative was Present in the event, as an active contributor to SCIS.

The aim of the day was to share project experiences and success stories in the hope of capturing the key factors for maximum impact and replication, especially how to reuse the knowledge generated in ongoing projects to make it useful for future actions. The session, organized by the SCIS team using the Open Space methodology to provoke participation, was an excellent exercise in sharing knowledge and insight from project leaders. Aspects like the relevance of qualitative information and citizen engagement were just some of the session takeaways.

In addition, during this workshop the SCIS team announced the launch of a new self-reporting tool – a tool that will offering projects a simplified method of upload of monitoring information by projects into the database and a new way of visualization of results through the website. Future training webinars will be offered to projects to ensure they are up to date in the techniques of the self-reporting tool.

The SCIS platform has been launched with support from the European Commission. The aim of the platform is to monitor and analyze EU co-financed demonstration projects and encourage replication of the demonstrated solutions across Europe, within the context of the European Union’s energy and climate change objectives. ZenN is one of the EU-funded projects currently actively collaborating with the SCIS platform, looking at offering project results to the platform for benchmark and analysis.

You can get more information about SCIS at link

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