The research has received funding from the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [314363].

ZenN Guidelines - Translation of technical knowledge to users, decision makers and the public

The main findings and results of the ZenN project will be disseminated through different channels including the ZenN Guidelines report and Guidelines magazine.

The purpose of the report and the magazine is to present guidelines for renovation of zero energy neighbourhoods focusing on information about the renovation process, guidance regarding decision making and concrete recommendations based on evaluations of each demonstration project.

The guidelines are presented as a commercial summary of important factors identified during the project. The Guidelines report will have a scientific format with a target group of policymakers, developers and the scientific community. The report includes further references to the different ZenN deliverables enabling the reader to make a more extensive deepening in each subject.

The Guidelines magazine will present the guidelines with a more commercial aspect providing the reader with, for example, best practice examples, general information about the steps in the process and expert interviews. The target group for the magazine includes end users, general public and media.

The guidelines have been gathered since August 2016 through input from each deliverable leader summarizing the most important aspects and findings of the deliverable. Through the variety of ZenN deliverables, the guidelines will include many different fields such as economic evaluation of the retrofitting measures, evaluation of technical and environmental performance, barriers within legislation and policy to social impact of the demonstration projects.

Updated: 2016-12-13


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