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Picture: Places for equality. In the common yard between the Trianon houses, an extra effort has been put on creating possibilities for a diverse set of activities. Photo: Malmö Stad, Sanna Dolck.

ZenN refurbishment creates great results in Lindängen, Malmö

At the Lindängen demo site, located in the southern part of Malmö, Sweden, the refurbishment is completed, and the first preliminary results from the monitoring have arrived. And it looks good! According to these initial measurements the energy use has decreased by over 40% the previous eight months. And the same seems to be the case for the climate impact.

About 1 000 residents live in the four buildings that are included in the Lindängen demo site. The buildings were constructed during the 1970s, and prior to the renovations performed within ZenN the buildings had an outdated heating system, exhaust ventilation without heat recovery, and old windows that needed replacement.

The owner, Olof Andersson, is glad to see the results from the refurbishment, but also wants to check in on what can be done to improve the numbers even further. “We have not yet reach the goal, but we have come a long way”, he says.

Something that has been done this year to decrease the energy use even further is the introduction of individual billing of hot water. The metering was already in place, combined with massive information. If the actual billing has an effect of its own on the use of hot water is still too early to say.

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Updated: 2017-05-24


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