The research has received funding from the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [314363].

ZenN was presented at Sustainable Places 2017

The fifth Sustainable Places 2017 conference was held in Middlesbrough UK from 28th-30th June 2017 at Teesside University. This annual event is meant to be an open forum for European research and industrial partners to share knowledge around innovative solutions to ensure long-term and sustainable performance in buildings and cities.

This year, one of the key topics was the social acceptance for energy-efficiency technologies. Due to this, one of the event session was dedicated to this issue on the 1st day of the conference, and attended by ZenN partner ASM-Market Research and Analysis Centre (ASM).

Dawid Krysiński and Przemysław Dana (ASM) prepared and gave presentation titled Social Acceptance for Energy Efficient Solutions in Renovation Processes where ZenN results concerning the societal barriers and challenges associated with energy-efficient renovations were described. During the speech, the importance of human factor in deep renovation processes was highlighted on the example of ZenN demonstration sites.

The presentation itself as well as the whole session were of great interest of the audience, as the social acceptance for technologically advanced energy efficient solutions is getting higher and higher nowadays. Actors operating on the reference market are beginning to notice that without the involvement of customers, modern technological solutions will not fully exploit their broad capabilities.

More information on the conference is available hereexternal link, opens in new window.


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