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Zen participation in seminar on urban renewal

How can older residential areas be developed to meet the challenges that the future brings? Anna Jarnehammar, Zen project manager and expert at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute presented the importance of sustainability aspects when city districts are renovated and renewed based on important insights from an European level from which among one is the lessons learned in the ZenN-project.

To create sustainable and energy-efficient housing we need both innovative technical solutions as well as a holistic point of view that revives the old residential areas and creating a good and sustainable life for its residents.

On the 17th of May in the city of Lund (nearby Malmö in the southern parts of Sweden) the Lund Municipality, the energy company Kraftringen, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and the municipality real estate company LKF arranged a seminar on urban renewal in Lund, focusing on social, economic and ecological sustainability.

The event is part of the Sustainable Week in Lund, Sweden, 15-20 May 2017.

Updated: 2017-05-16


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