Milano, Italy

A project within Eu-GUGLE.

Milano, the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy has a population of about 1.35 million people. The citys urban area is the 5th largest in the EU and the largest in Italy with an estimated population of about 5.2 million. As the main industrial, commercial and financial center of Italy, it has a metropolitan region that contains a population of over 8 million people.

Zona 4 is one of the 9 administrative districts of Milano, located at the Southeast border. With a surface of about 21 km2, and a population of 152 300 inhabitants, its density is in line with the average density in Milano, about 7250 inhabitants/km2. The design and implementation of the activities in Zona 4 foreseen in EU-GUGLE will be a perfect case for devising, testing and fine-tuning innovative solutions to be replicated at the scale of the entire city.

The district and the building stock

  • Surface: 21 km2
  • Population: 152 300 inhabitants, 7 250 inhabitants/km2.
  • Surface to be renovated: ≈ 35,000m²
  • Type of buildings: Both residential buildings and public buildings.
  • Primary energy savings target: up to 82%.

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Updated: 2016-05-25


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