Tammela district, Tampere, Finland

A project within Eu-GUGLE.

Tampere is located on the banks of Tammerkoski rapids, between two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Tampere is the third biggest city and 2nd biggest growth center in Finland and the biggest inland city in the Nordic countries with 215,168 inhabitants.

The EU-GUGLE demonstration takes place in Tammela, which is a sparsely built traditional residential area right next to the city center and the railway. Characteristics are the traditional square plan with building stocks, vivid market square and parks. Tammela has a need for refurbishments and large potential for infill development.

The Tammela district

Tampere has 215,168 inhabitants, the Central Region Tampere has 360,681 inhabitants and the Tammela district, where the renovations take place, has 6337 inhabitants. The age distribution of Tammela is one-sidedly mostly elderly people. 94 % of the inhabitants are between ages 18-over 85 and only 6 % between the ages 0-17. Decision making in the privately owned housing companies can be challenging because of lack of interest to do big renovations and lack of funds.

The building stock

The building stock is privately owned blocks of flats mostly from the 1960s to 1980s. Building stock and sites are owned by private housing companies which are owned by the flat owners.

  • 30 000 m2 surface are to be renovated,
  • 560 inhabitants in the renovated buildings,
  • 400 dwellings will be renovated (approximately)


The expected energy savings are 40 % in heating energy, based on calculations.

The benefits for the various groups affected by the development of Tammela district will be significant. The energy efficient renovation demonstrations will produce environmentally friendly living spaces with a better quality for living, and a format that can be replicated in the specific area as well as in all other areas. The improved quality will also help to save and raise the value of the existing buildings. If the whole Tammela-project will succeed according to the plan, it will provide new modern and energy efficient residence to over 4000 citizens in a green urban environment with good services and connections, at the same time helping the city with the issue of net migration and creating a format for the needed infill development processes. The improvement of the area itself will naturally benefit also the current inhabitants as well as everybody else under the influence.

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Updated: 2016-05-25


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