The research has received funding from the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° [314363].

Training - demonstration sites

During the duration of the project different types of training activities will be carried out in order to transfer knowledge to different and specific target groups.

Training - Demonstration projects
The training activities regarding the demonstration projects focuses on communicating information about the overall project, about the solutions and critical moments during the construction period to the different groups that are directly involved in the renovation process.

Training - Study visits for stakeholders
The study visits will enable workshops and seminars on the location site in order to provide different stakeholder groups with information about the chosen technical solutions, social aspects, the different stakes in the renovation process as well as allowing them to visit the actual construction site during the renovation process. Attention will be paid to the hole building process – from planning to evaluation.

Training - Dissemination to stakeholders
Dissemination to policymakers will be provided through on site study visits, both during the process as well as when the demonstration projects are finished. The training will be performed via dialog workshops and seminars, paying attention to both technical and social improvements. The main objective is to provide policymakers with information about the contributions with zero energy neighborhoods.

Training - Knowledge transfer to users
This training task focuses on the end users that will be living in the renovated buildings. The objective is to provide them with technical information so that they can use the different technical solutions in the building correctly, but also to highlight different social and behavioral aspects. The knowledge transfer will be provided via information meetings as well as printed material.

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